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Proud of Made in Japan SUZUKI Blanks
Proud of Made in Japan SUZUKI Blanks

About SUZUKI Blanks

Handling of our SUZUKI Blanks is A-tec. We have become the sole manufacturer.

Suzuki Blanks product feature

  • 1. Japanese master’s technology
  • 2. Hybrid resin control
  • 3. Adjustable tapered fit joint
  • 4. Non tapered grip(RXF SERIES)
  • 5. Black Lip Pearl finished
  • 6. Excellent smooth bending curve
  • 7. TORAY high quality materials
Target fish and SUZUKI BLANCKS

Suzuki Blanks product lineup


RRXF Series is the most standard series of Suzuki Blanks.Fast action using a non-tapered grip. RXF Series products are used in Europe for fish such as Zander, Pike and Perch. It is also used in Southeast Asia for Red Snapper. Detailed data >>


RXGT Series blanks are for the GT casting game. This blank is built to handle the BIG game.
It has a regular fast action. Detailed data >>


RXJ is a blank brand that is used in the jigging game. This blank is made stronger to handle bigger game fish. It has a regular fast action.
RXJS Series are primarily for the slow and pitch jerk action. It has a regular fast action. It is used for the most challenging game. Detailed data >>